How long does it take to ship after ordering

Generally, our watches ship within 5 to 7 days. Suppose the look you purchase is in a different geographic region from you. In that case, it may initially be shipped to your area by the most expedited service available and then sent to you via next-day delivery. Your Client Advisor will communicate with you on shipping details every step. Please review our shipping page for complete details. If a watch is posted with a “Coming Soon” status, please contact a Client Advisor to learn more about delivery details.

Will I receive a tracking number?

As soon as the watch ships, you will receive an email with the tracking number and a URL to track your package. We ship with EMS or other delivery method which can expect your watch in the shortest time.

Can you send me more pictures of the desired model?

Sure, you can send the link or full name of the products to customer service to ask more pics.

Do I need to set up an account to place an order? Can I shop without an account?

You may place an order as a guest without an account. However, we recommend creating an account for personalized preferences to save the creations you desire and for ease of access for future purchases.

How can I make changes to my account details?

To make changes to your account, first, log in to your account. There you will have the option to modify your account details. Once you have updated your data, please ensure that you save your changes.

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